Squeezing Your Blood Pressure Down

Squeezing Your Blood Pressure Down (literally)How can squeezing something lower blood pressure?

According to a study published in the Journal of Hypertension, it’s even more effective than drugs, without the side effective.

And it won’t cost you a dime!

The FDA has even approved a version of this technique.

10-minutes per day, 3-days per week of handgrip training is enough to moderately reduce high blood pressure levels.

The technique, considered as isometric training, has been shown to be effective in several research studies and has led to the release of an FDA-approved blood pressure lowering device known as the Zona.

However, many medical experts are claiming that squeezing a rubber ball can have the same beneficial properties at a fraction of the cost.

It just can’t be regarded as “FDA approved” because, there really is no device in place except a small rubber ball.

You can find rubber balls that fit into your hand in most sports stores for under $10.

Directions: Hold the rubber ball in one hand. Squeeze it lightly (50% of maximum strength), hold the squeeze for 10 second, release for 10 seconds. Repeat for five minutes before switching over to the other hand.

As stated before, the rubber squeeze ball exercise provides MODERATE improvements in blood pressure.

There are, however, simple exercises that have been shown to drop blood pressure down to a healthy level quickly and effectively – without ANY devices (not even a squeeze ball). Learn more about these blood pressure exercises here…

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