How Is High Blood Pressure Determined?

How Early Is High Blood Pressure Determined?Two new Canadian studies presented at The American Heart Association’s Council on Hypertension Scientific Sessions, revealed some weird results.

Your high blood pressure may actually be direct results of how you were born.

And it’s probably in a totally different way than you would think.

According to the first study, people born at or before 29 weeks of pregnancy have smaller kidneys relative to their body size than those who were born at full term.

They also tend to have slightly higher blood pressure when they are already in their 20s.

The second study also compared pre-term adults in their 20s with full-term adults at the same age, finding that the cells in their blood vessels were slower to form colonies and, as a result, that their bodie’s ability to form tiny blood vessels (called capillaries) was impaired.

Capillaries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to most of the cells around your body.

Moreover, the pre-term adults had higher systolic blood pressure and an enlarged left ventricle of the heart.

Both these research teams warn that we should not interpret their results as a suggestion that all adults who were born pre-term will suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease. Their results show only a small increase in blood pressure by the time these people get to their 20s, 5 mmHg to be precise.

While 5 mmHg might not be enough to worry about, the chief researcher in both studies says that people’s blood pressure increases as they age, and that slightly high blood pressure during our 20s may turn into seriously elevated blood pressure in our 40s, 50s, and 60s.

It doesn’t however matter if your blood pressure is the results of pre-term or other causes, the easy blood pressure exercises, found here, can bring it down to normal – starting today…

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